10 Amazing Creative Scrap Fabric Ideas

Sometimes it takes a few good scrap fabric ideas to realize how much potential our leftover pieces actually have. Scraps are inevitable if you love sewing or quilting, then you are bound to have a few remnants of your past DIY sewing projects.

Even if you’re not a knitting guru, the fabrics of your old clothes that are now too small to wear, can improve to be precious fabric you can upcycle. While some people like to donate their scraps, others opt to keep only the larger pieces, throwing the rest away.

For fabric hoarders, letting go of even the tiniest bit fabric that is a bad idea. But, what you can do with these extra fabrics? With a little inspiration you can make super fun and creative DIY projects. These projects can include crafty jewelry, home decor, handmade pouches and friend-worthy gift items with a personal feeling.

You could even earn some extra cash, by selling your creative pieces online or at craft events. If you’ve been saving those bits of scrap fabric, then it’s time to show them off with these 10 crafts ideas to upcycle your scraps.

10 Creative Fabric Ideas

These are the easy list you can start for first project, you can recycle leftover fabric and back to take benefit from them again!

1. Fabric Scrap Kids Belt

Fabric Scrap Kids Belt

Source: makeit-loveit.com

Want to spice up your kid’s wardrobe? Piece together your favorite coloured scrap fabrics for a vibrant, unique patterned belt.

2. Sunglasses Case

Fabric Sunglasses Case

Source: crazylittleprojects.com

If your fabric is not big enough for a summer dress, then consider stitching up cute little cases for your sunglasses.

3. Fabric Scrap Key Chain

Fabric Scrap Key Chain

Source: craftinessisnotoptional.com

Add a personal touch to everyone’s key chains, with home-made versions made from a combination of gorgeous scraps and a Pellon Peltex.

4. Pocket Warmers Gift

Pocket Warmers Gift

Source: imake2

With a bit of rice and fabric scraps, you can show you care throughout the winter with these adorable and eco-friendly pocket warmers.

5. DIY Monogrammed Zipper Pouch

DIY Monogrammed Zipper Pouch

Source: makeit-loveit.com

Have no ideas for wedding gift? Make little monogrammed zipper pouches for wedding day essentials such as lip gloss, bobby pins and breathe mints.

6. Fabric Bobby Pins

Fabric Bobby Pins

Source: justcallmechris

Impress your little girl with these cute, cheap DIY fabric bobby pins that are sure to make her stand out.

7. Fabric Scrap Bracelets

Fabric Scrap Bracelets

Source: savedbylovecreations.com

If you can braid and glue, then fabric scrap bracelets are a must try. Coordinate different colors, fuse different strips for adding charms.

8. DIY Coffee Sleeve

DIY Coffee Sleeve

Source: skiptomylou.org

Add some style to your coffee mornings with a reusable coffee sleeve, made from fabric scraps and an elastic hair tie to hold.

9. Woven Fabric Basket

Woven Fabric Basket

Source: terryatkinson

Use fabric clutter to de-clutter your home. Using easy-to-find items such as threads and glue, you can weave scrap strips into colorful fabric baskets.

10. Rag Rug for Bedroom

Rag Rug for Bedroom

Source: craftaholicsanonymous.net

Transform those trimmed fabric edges into a fluffy rag rug for your bedroom. Get creative with patterns, incorporate personalized color schemes and see your room from dab to fab!

Save those scraps! From fabric jewelry to home decor improvements, no matter how small or big your fabric scrap pieces are, these fabric craft ideas are bound to inspire you. Your possibilities are only limited to your creativity.