10 Ideas for Recycling that are Actually Genius

From trash to treasure. There are endless ideas for recycling that can breathe new life to old pieces. While there’s no problem hoarding items for their sentimental value, they can sometimes turn into clutter, taking more space than they need to.

However, does not mean you should throw them just yet. You can make the most of this situation by choosing to recycle and transform these items into functional pieces for your home.

Why recycling is so important?

Most of the rubbish we throw out is usually packed. This includes paper, cardboard boxes, plastics, cans and glass. By reducing, reusing and recycling, we can reduce the need of the raw materials such as wood, oil, metal ore and sand used to make the aforementioned packaging materials.

This in turn conserves their natural environment. In addition, to recycle would mean that the energy required to extract the raw materials is saved, less pollutants are generated, and the transportation costs are also reduced.

Besides preserving our planet and its resources, the art of recycling is beneficial for the economy and as a source of employment. Recycling gives you some crafting inspiration, and can save you a lot of money.

10 Recycling Ideas.

Here are 10 insanely creative DIY ideas to recycle at home:

1. Plastic Bottles Jewelry Stand

Plastic Bottles Jewelry Stand

Source: epbot.com

With only four plastic bottles of your favorite drink, a threaded rod and matching size nuts, you can have a home-made accessory to hold your jewelry. This inexpensive stand shows off a gorgeous display thanks to the bottle’s unique colour and its bottom flower look.

2. Transform bottle to house toy

bottle to house toy

Source: cucicucicoo.com

Involve your child in the recycling art and craft, by helping them make a doll or toy house out of a plastic bleach bottle. Rinse it, cut out the shapes, draw on the windows and doors, and then leave the colouring and decoration to their creative minds.

3. DIY cell phone charging holder

cell phone charging holder

Source: howaboutorange

Did you know that a cardboard can be transformed into a convenient holder for your cell phone? With this DIY holder, hold your phone in place while it charges.

4. Close the Bag by Using Plastic Bottle Cap

Plastic Bottle Cap Bag Seal

Source: icreativeideas.com

Recycle plastic bags and bottles, with this creative, cheap and efficient technique of sealing a plastic bag. Slide the opening of the paper bag through a bottle cap opening and twist the cap to close or open. No knots, no clips.

5. DIY Can Desk Lamp

Can Desk Lamp

Source: thosenorthernskies

Spruce up your dull desk lamp using a pineapple juice can as the shade. With a little bit of wiring, you can now have a custom lamp to light up your tasks.

6. DIY Tin Organizers

DIY Tin Organizers

Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Looking to organize your craft supplies? Tins and cans can help de-clutter and keep your work space neat. Add a personal feel by painting the tins your favourite colours and make the room even more vibrant.

7. Invisible Wall Bookshelf

Invisible Wall Bookshelf

Source: instructables.com

Use your old books, a metal wall brace and coordinating Velcro to give the illusion of an invisible bookshelf. The brace offers stability to your stacks of books, the book’s cover hides the brace and the Velcro ensures that your precious books are never ruined.

8. DIY Canvas Art

DIY Canvas Art

Source: designimprovised.com

A few plain canvases can make your plain walls into captivating works of art. Buy a variety of canvas shapes and sizes, paint them in interesting colour palette and get creative about the wall layout you want, and voila!

9. Creative Button Bowls

Creative Button Bowls

Source: wonderfuldiy.com

Using balloons and buttons can be a creative way of making different sized bowls. This DIY project mostly needs glue to put together. Your end result can make an awesome gift or a wonderful bowl of fruit for your dining table.

10. How to Make Domino Wall Clock


Source: sadieseasongoods.com

Don’t know what to do with your old cutting board? Why not make it the face of your customized wall clock. Combine domino for a unique vintage look and get it up and running by setting up a clock kit.

Recycling takes a bit of imagination and creativity. However, with a little effort and time, you can reinvent your old items into useful one-of-a kind masterpieces. Hopefully, these DIY projects can get you started on more amazing ideas to try out.