5 Nice and Easy Sewing Projects

Sewing is a practical skill worth learning. Take your time for learning to be a master the skill. There are several easy sewing projects that you can handle even when you only possess core competencies.

It also allows you to use your creativity to design and sew beautiful items such as pillow covers and drink wrappers. Do not allow the fear of the needle breaking, in the middle of your sewing session, or the trouble of making buttonholes, stand in your way.

Once you perfect your skill, the same will be a thing of the past. The number of items you can sew in the comfort of your living room effectively saving your hard earned cash is endless.

Sewing gives you full control of your home decor, the choice of material, color and texture solely rely on you. Give your home a personal touch and feel by sewing pillow cases with especially attractive fabrics. Your guests/kids will find the living room fascinating.

5 Easy Sewing Projects

Here is the list of 5 easy sewing projects you can start to try.

1. Sewing Pillow Covers

sewing pillow covers

Source: jedicraftgirl.com

Use Crossroads Denim both for the pillow back and the accent strips while sewing pillow covers. All seams measure 0.25 inches. Sew the sides, bottom strips and bottom strips on, press. Match the top finish of each of your pillow covers with the size of your down throw pillows. Cut a 20-inch square to form the pillow back and finally insert an invisible zipper. See full step-by-step here jedicraftgirl.com

2. Easy Sewing Drink Wrap

Easy Sewing Drink Wrap

Source: bitesizedbiggie.com

This beautiful item decorates and insulates your guests’ glasses. Sew together 11-by 4-inch scraps matching the colors to those of other elements in your home. Cut your insulation material and lining fabric to the same size. Make a sandwich with the three layers, pin the edges, allow a 0.25-inch seam and mark the places you’ll install buttons. Add glue dots to the inner side of your drink wrap for a firm grip. More details, visite to read at this site bitesizedbiggie.com

3. Zip Pouch Sewing Pattern

zipper pouch pattern

Source: polkadotchair.com

You need two-quarters of fabric, for pouch lining and pouch outside respectively, 0.25 rad fusible fleece, 9-inch zipper and one sheet of cork. Cut two 8×10 inches pieces of each of these materials and use them to make a zipper pouch pattern of your choice. Turn inside out while sewing and after finishing and trimming any extra pieces of fabric, reverse the side and press. Read more right here polkadotchair.com

4. Half Circle Skirt Sewing

half circle skirt

Source: itsalwaysautumn.com

To start with, you need basic math knowledge that you probably have, already. So, divide your waist measurement by 3.142 to obtain your waist radius. Hem radius is the sum of your length and waist radius measurements. Get enough yards of knit fabric and knit to form a half circle skirt. Finally, prepare a waistband, fold it in half, slide it over the top of your skirt and sew them together. Click this link for reading all tutorials itsalwaysautumn.com

5. How to Sew Tote Bags

sewing tote bags

Source: crazylittleprojects.com

Sewing tote bags involves the use of three fabrics; 1 for the top, 1 for the side and another for the bottom. Cut out two 17 x 8 inches from the bottom fabric, two 17 x 12 inches of the top and two 3 x 4 inches for the straps. Sew upper and lower fabrics together. Take the long pieces, fold them in half longitudinally and sew up. Finally, attach the strap to the bag, turn the bag right-side out and press. More detail visit this website crazylittleprojects.com