6 Best Ideas for Recycled Craft Projects

Recycled craft projects allow you have a new life with your various household items instead of throwing them out. You can use them in your art project recycled items such as cereal boxes, yogurt cups, water bottles, milk jugs, and more.

In fact, any item can be transformed into a building material for your craft project. The only limit is your own imagination and creativity.It’s time to empty your recycle bin and start your craft project.

In our article will find a collection of six ideas for recycled projects that can reuse various items such as old sweaters, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, mason jars, paper plates, and more. From beautiful home decor ideas to a nice jewelry, these projects transform your trash into something of renewed value.

Crafters of all skill levels and ages can try our easy projects. Kids will definitely be enthusiastic about these craft projects and adults will learn new ways to reuse some old items.

6 Ideas for Recycled Craft Projects

Don’t hesitate to choose one the six projects on our list. We guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

1. DIY Wine Cork Picture Frame

Wine Cork Picture Frame

Source: twoshadesofpink.com

The do-it-yourself wine cork picture frame craft project has been featured in All You magazine. This project teaches you how to create a really cute picture frame just from some used wine corks. This DIY wine cork picture frame project is very easy, taking just five steps and costing under $5.

2. Dirt Cheap Egg Carton Lamp

Egg Carton Lamp Ideas

Source: aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com

This craft project is using recycled egg cartons in order to create a fun and useful lamp for your home. The do-it-yourself craft project is very easy to materialize and costs less than $5. All the materials you need for this project are around 9 cardboard egg cartons (you need to choose the 12 dozen sized).

3. Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder


Source: mayricherfullerbe.com

This do-it-yourself craft project makes use of an old wine bottle in order to re-purpose it in a pretty and useful jewelry holder. The project is extremely easy, consisting in only three steps and costing under $10. In order to transform your old wine bottle in a jewelry holder just use a thrifted plate and some paint.

4. Crazy Yogurt Cup Lighted Garland

Yogurt Cup Lighted Garland

Source: monmakesthings.com

Same as the previous do-it-yourself projects, this craft project also participated in the monthly craft blogger challenge of the All You Magazine. The project makes use of several old yogurt cups and some a re-purposed string of mini Christmas lights in order to create a decorative yogurt cup lighted garland.

5. Simple Idea to Make A Milk Jug Lunch Box

Milk Jug Lunch Box

Source: cremedelacraft.com

This innovative idea will make you say goodbye to your boring brown sack lunchbox. You’ll use a milk jug in order to create a fun lunch box that is the perfect size for your sandwiches and it’s also food-safe. The surprise is usage materials in this craft project will cost only around $1 to make.

6. Luxurious Tin Can Lantern

DIY Tin Can Lantern

Source: smartschoolhouse.com

This do-it-yourself craft project proposes you to create a luxurious lantern from an old tin can. The craft costs you under $5 and it is very easy to make. We’re certain that you’ll get much impressed when you finish this innovative creation. The tin can lantern could make an interesting piece of decor for various occasions.

Our article presented you a list of six craft projects made of recycled household items. These easy crafts can make some original decorations for your home, while giving a new life with the old items that otherwise would populate your trash bin.