8 DIY Gift Wrap for Your Household

Instead of purchasing costly wrapping paper or using the same conventions and boring wrapping stuff, consider utilizing your creativity to create your own attractive DIY gift wrap.

The Do It Yourself option allows you to give your gifts a personal touch, make them beautiful and hence presentable. Additionally, it provides you with a creative outlet through which you can showcase your artistry.

Surprisingly, you do not need costly materials; just use the materials that are readily available in your home to make a great first impression with your gifts.

Evidently, people remember fondly the best gifts they ever received and wrapping them with your ingenious DIY wrapper goes a long way in helping you achieve this goal.

8 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Below are the simple projects that you can start to make a gift wrap. Pick from rustic, classic or modern ideas that proper with yourself.

1. Make a ribbon from fabric scraps

fabric ribbon

Image Source: madeeveryday.com

Cut a strip of fabric from the material at your disposal and use it to wrap your gift. If the fabric is checked, cut it in the diagonal direction. Use a serger to make the edges appear clean. Ribbon fabric featuring raw edges, however, still adorable. Read the full step right here madeeveryday.com

2. Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look

chalkboard gift wrap

Image Source: nashvillewrapscommunity.com

Sketch your design using a pencil. Next trace the sketch over with a chalk marker. Erase sketch marks as soon as the marker dries up. Do not make your lettering perfect because rough look is a crucial part of the chalkboard gift wrap. Read full tutorials at here nashvillewrapscommunity.com

3. Wrapping paper for word search

create word search

Image Source: fancy.com

Create word search by printing word search solutions such as Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day and I Love You, on the inner section of your wrapping paper. The recipient will find the entire gift fun and usable for several occasions. More details, visit this site fancy.com

4. How to make origami paper boxes

origami paper box

Image Source: pineconecamp

Using a pencil, a ruler, a bone folder, paper, glue and exactor knife, create a 20 cm square and a 14.5 cm square lid. Use the squares to make both the base and the lid that fit perfectly well.

Glue down the loose ends and Voila! You have an origami paper box. Go this website to read step-by-step pineconecamp

5. Newspaper gift wrap

newspaper gift wrap

Image Source: adelle.com.au

Cut several newspaper strips, some narrow and others approximately 15 cm wide. Cut long he folds of all stripes. Gather all the strips and join them with a tape, smaller ones on the outside.

Use your resulting newspaper gift wrap to attach flowers to the gift. If you want more detail, please go to this website adelle.com.au

6. DIY Japanese tape

DIY japanese tape

Image Source: pm-betweenthelines

To create a DIY Japanese tape, you need a double-sided tape, security envelopes and cutting board. Cut paper strips of the same length as the tape. Stick the tape to the rear of your paper strip, and use the same to wrap your gift. See full step right here pm-betweenthelines

7. Idea for Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

pyramid gift box

Image Source: linesacross.com

Print a pyramid template onto a card stock. Cut out a pyramid shape and score along the inner lines. Punch holes in the resulting triangles. Fold the pieces and tie the pieces together using a thin ribbon.

Pyramid gift box does not require any glue/tape; the box holds tightly together. More detail visit this site linesacross.com

8. Wax paper bow tutorial

wax paper bow

Image Source: whipperberry.com

Cut four sheets into about 12 X 12 squares. Arrange them together and fold to and fro before tying in the center using a bit of string. Separate the different layers. Using Elmer’s Glue Spots affix your resulting wax paper bow to your gift. Go this website to read step-by-step whipperberry.com