8 Simple and Easy Home Decor Ideas

Does your house look like it is outdated and needs a total decorate? Basically, there are numerous home decor ideas that you can think of and apply it in your home. Many people are coming up with creative ideas that you can try them for your home.

These creative ideas can really transform your home and feel more updated depending on your style. Whether you want new decor ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or any part of your home. There are tonnes of ideas that you can get from several sources. Your family members and close friends can help you come up with various decor ideas for your home.

Some of the ideas may conflict with your style, but it will also help you to become creative by using them idea to apply to what you like. You can visit the website and get also a wide variety of DIY ideas that you can try out in your home. These ideas can include the classic of the 80’s or just stick to the modern. Basically, there are a lot of DIY projects that you can implement in your home.

8 Home Decor Ideas

Here are some home decor ideas that you can use for first time to get started your project.

1. Turning Boxes Into Baskets

basket box

Source: elizabethjoandesigns.com

Turning boxes to baskets is a simple project that will give you cheap and wonderful storage for your space. This DIY project is a wonderful substitute that utilizes inexpensive materials that you can easily find in your home like the cardboard boxes. See the all process here elizabethjoandesigns.com

2. Modern Hexagon Wall Shelves

hexagon wall shelves

Source: makeanddocrew.com

These modern hexagon wall shelves are super budget-friendly DIY arts. These 3D shelves bring stylish design for your space and are very simple to create.

Made from popsicle sticks, these artistic shelves bring about the mid-century look and can easily be done by any person. Mode detail, please visit this website makeanddocrew.com

3. Cheap DIY Wire Mail Basket

wire mail basket

Source: ahousefullofsunshine.com

This cheap DIY wire mail basket can be really handy for sorting your bills, especially if you create several of them and putting into different categories. The plastic coated wire basket can easily be obtained at cheap price.

You can also find the baskets with the right dimensions for your mails. Go to this site to see step-bystep procedure ahousefullofsunshine.com

4. Easy Bathroom Wall Shelves

bathroom wall shelves

Source: ohohblog.com

The shelves are always important for extra storage or for organizing your bathroom or any room in your house. The easy bathroom wall shelves project can come in handy for storing various stuff like toys and dishes.

Furthermore the project is very easy for anybody to try out. See more details here ohohblog.com

5. Make Old Dressers To A Nice Bench

old dressers

Source: photokapi.com

You can make old dressers to a nice bench very easily and cheaply. The project only requires that you have an old dresser that is no longer in use. You can look for some foams and pillows for your new bench. Tutorials for this project, please visit this website photokapi.com

6. Amazing Idea For Garden Lantern

outdoor garden lanterns

Source: splashofsomething.com

Using balloons and yarn can be a creative combination of two techniques that can be used for an amazing idea for a garden lantern project. This outdoor DIY project can be quite messy but the end result will be worth the attempt. More detail for this process, click this link splashofsomething.com

7. DIY Wall Hanging Shelves

wall hanging shelves

Source: whydontyoumakeme.com

Hanging shelves can be used in a many way not only to store small things but as an art that helps enhance your decor. These DIY wall hanging shelves have simple designs but are very classic for your space.

The inexpensive materials used to make the contraption are very easy to obtain. Full detail right here whydontyoumakeme.com

8. Outdoor Boxes Storage

outdoor boxes storage

Source: ispydiy.com

The outdoor boxes storage is a simple unfinished wooden storage boxes that you can store a variety of your out-the-door necessities. If you are the kind of a person that always forgets easily where you placed your keys, glasses or headphones, then these DIY storage boxes are exactly what you need. Click this link to see all step process ispydiy.com