Amazing 7 Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whether it is Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any other special occasion, we love to gift with our adoring people. However, we can make gifting an exceptional experience. We bring your creative gift wrapping ideas to put that personal touch on each of your gifts.

We will help you let your loved ones know just how special they are. What’s more, these creative ideas will ensure you don’t have to spend extra money at shops anymore. These inexpensive and fun ways of making use of all sorts of papers, fabric and other items laying around in your house, not just economical but therapeutic as well.

Our easy to follow and inventive DIY ideas, will ensure that you get in touch with your creative side, and tap into all those brilliant ideas become to take shape.

7 Gift Wrapping Ideas

Below is some sample that you can start to make a DIY gift wrap.

1. Paper Gift Tutorial

paper gift bag

Source: hellosandwich

Take a sheet of paper double the size of the bag you want, fold in half, horizontally. Fold the base of the bag to create a crease. Open the fold, take both corners of the base and fold it inwards and press it so that it forms a triangle.

Now fold the long base of the paper inwards. Seal the base with a washi tape. Take a handle from another bag and tape it on the inside of the paper bag and your bag is ready. Visit this site for full step tutorials hellosandwich

2. Matchbox Suitcase Gift Wrap

matchbox suitcase


This matchbox suitcase gift box uses brown wrapping paper and a match box. Wrap the matchbox with brown paper. Cut out 6 circles of 12mm. diameter and 3 strips of 4mm. dark-brown card. Cut 4 circles into half and 2 into quarters.

Glue the semi circles to the four ends of the box, the quarters to the edges of the inside drawer. Wrap two long strips around the box. Make a handle. Put stickers and make golden rounds on the strap and handle. Read more details right here

3. Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

make pyramid gift box


Make this pyramid gift box with the Sassafras printable free template. Use an 8.5 by 11 card stock. Cut along the printed lines. Punch in a hole each on the triangles.

Fold the paper along the triangle marked on the inside and run a ribbon through the holes, tie the four triangles together at the top. See step-by-step on this site

4. Economical Christmas Bags

christmas gift bags


Take a Cereal Box File cut to your liking, to make Christmas gift bags. Fold the top flap inwards. Cover the box with green and put a decorative red band on the top. Stick two black card stock buttons, vertically.

Make straps using Pazzle. Draw stitching patterns on the straps and stick it. Cut a black strap to make a belt on the bag, and stick a rectangle covered in glitter on the black strap. If you want to read the detail, please go to this website

5. Chalkboard Gift Wrap

black butcher paper


This gift wrapping idea is the simplest and leaves plenty of room for your individual creativity. Get some black butcher paper and a white paint pen.

That is all you need. You simply the wrap the gift in the chalkboard gift wrap paper and create artwork with the white pen. See details with image right here

6. Easy Photo Gift Wrap

photo gift wrap

Source: googlyeyesandglitter

Photo gift wrap is a very personal way to show you care about someone. Take a print out of photographs and use them as a wrapper. It is a brilliant idea.

You can choose to make multiple columns to include as many photos or make a collage. Either way it makes for a beautiful wrap. See sample idea at this place googlyeyesandglitter

7. Handmade Fabric Gift Pouch

fabric gift pouch


Fabric gift pouches are easy to make and cost even less. You can use leftover fabric and stitch the edges and run a thread through it to make Potli bags. These are simple and can be reused. Full step tutorials, please go to this site

Hope these simple and easy DIY gift wrap ideas come in handy when you have wanted to make your gift for your some purpose.