Amazing Homemade Gifts Ideas to Make Yourself Memorable

Making gifts for your loved ones is a great thing. It shows the effort you have put in and makes them feel special. Whether it is Christmas or the Birthday of your loved one, you know that there is nothing like a homemade gift they can identify the recipient name on the gift.

The problem is, you may be no have ideas on homemade gift and wondering what to make. Today we will present you some simple project that you can use to start your homemade gifts ideas.

The gifts are not difficult to make and can be done with common items. So let’s get started and bring out the creative side in you.

How to Make A Simple Leather Pouch?

You can make this leather pouch just under $15. People will just love the minimal and unsophisticated looks of the pouch and be happy to use it everywhere. Find yourself a leather bag kit and a scissor along with a silver rivet.

You will need basic sewing skills and have to be careful not to prick yourself with the needle. Poppy Talk shows you how to get the job done with nice pictures to guide you all the way. The leather pouch can make a great gift for every occasion and you can be sure that it will be used.

DIY Instagram Cards Can Be Cool Gifts

How about gifting some memories for your loved ones? This gift takes very little time to make but creates a big effect on the receiver. You have to just pick out memorable pictures and turn them into greeting cards.

The images can be chosen from Instagram like Say Yes did. You also have the freedom to take pictures from anywhere you want such as Facebook, Twitter or from your own collection. The important thing to keep in mind that should be meaningful to the receiver.

homemade gifts ideas

The process is super easy, you just take a print out of the pictures on canvas paper and then paste them on blank cards. Make a whole boxful of such cards and you can also add other details like strings or ribbons. Write your message in the cards and gift them to see the smile on the receiver’s face.

How about Font Coasters as gifts?

The coasters can make great gifts which will be used all the time. You can get creative with the design, though today we will show you how to make coaster using fonts like Courier New Bold, Times New Roman and others.

Any font can fit the idea and you can increase their size on your computer to see which one you find best. The coasters can be cut out using cork sheets which come cheap and can be found in the art and supply stores.

You can also use other durable materials like cardboard or plywood if you want. Just take a print out of the font and trace it on the material you are using. You can also draw by hand if you can.

Then just cut out using a hobby knife like it is shown in Evil Mad Scientist. To save the trouble of cutting, you can also laser cut the coaster from a laser cutting shop. It also gives you a much cleaner look with greater perfection.

Get into the Spirit with Infused Vodkas

Gifts are given on special occasions. Many times it involves a party and nothing beats than gifting some bottles of infused vodka made by your own hands. The flavored vodka will get everyone in the mood and you will get loads of appreciation for your creativity.

You can make spicy citrus vodka, cucumber tarragon vodka or some Chai vodka following the recipes on Good Housekeeping. It just takes a few minutes and you end up with some awesome flavors in the end.

Remember that you have to let the vodkas stand for 1 to 2 days after preparing them so make them in advance. You can also decorate the bottles that you will be pouring the vodka in for more personalization.

How to make a Fairy Glow Jar?

You will need an empty water bottle, few art supplies, glycerin and a battery to make the fairy glow jar. It makes a great gift and creates a relaxing environment in the room.

It is also simple to make following the instructions in this YouTube video.

Video by: I Love Creativity

Embroidered Handkerchiefs Can Express Your Love Unlike Any Gift

Take some cotton handkerchiefs and write personal messages before gifting them to someone. Country Living shows you exactly how to embroider letters using the stem-stitch method.

You can choose to embroider any message you want so don’t hold back your creativity. Every time the person takes out his hanky, he or she will think about you. It is a simple yet meaningful gift!

What are you Waiting For?

We have given enough homemade gifts ideas to get started and make an amazing gift for your friends or family. Next time when you have to make a gift, just pick one idea and amaze the receiver.