18 Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns So Cute for Your Kids

If someone close to you is having a baby or has recently become a parent and you want to do something special for them to help them celebrate, then you may want to knit something like a blanket.

This is a far cry from something bought in a store and will show them how much you care and value their friendship. To make sure that the project you work on will be loved, choose one of these great baby blanket knitting patterns from us.

While some of these patterns are trickier than others, they are all adorable and sure to show your friend or family member how excited you are about the new baby and that you care.

1. Go Chunky and Bulky

Go Chunky and Bulky

img: purlsoho

Nothing will keep baby warmer and more comfortable than a really chunky and bulky blanket. At Purl Soho you can easily find and follow a pattern that is sure to keep baby very comfortable and will last for years.

2. Warm Waffle Pattern

Warm Waffle Pattern

img: suzies-yarnie-stuff

At Suzies Stuff you can get a great and easy to understand pattern for a cozy waffle pattern blanket. This blanket will be sure to keep the baby warm and is so soft that it is perfect for swaddling, even on bare skin, making it a fast favorite.

3. Keeping the Head Warm

Keeping the Head Warm

img: knittingonthenet

It’s important to keep a baby’s head warm, and you can easily do this when you knit a hooded blanket. Follow the directions at Knitting on the Net and you are sure to be amazed at how quickly and easily this project comes together.

4. A Pretty Edge

A Pretty Edge

img: lionbrand

Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to knit a blanket that is attractive and has a decorative edge. This pattern from Lion Brand is a great one to start with if you are new to knitting and want to produce a lovely blanket.

5. Cabled Eyelet Blanket

Cabled Eyelet Blanket

img: nancyhearne

Just like with cabled knit sweaters, cabled knit blankets are warm, attractive, and decorative enough to be a little special. At Nancy Hearne you can easily learn how making a cabled eyelet blanket that any parent would be thrilled to use with their baby.

6. Lace Baby Blanket

Lace Baby Blanket

img: stitcheryprojects

Visit Mama’s Stitchery Projects to learn how you can easily knit a lace blanket. While this blanket will add some warmth for baby when wrapped around them, it is a gorgeous gift that all parents would treasure for years to come. This blanket is sure to become an heirloom in the future.

7. Flat Surface Blanket

Flat Surface Blanket

img: knitty.com

Enjoy a bit of an optical illusion with this blanket pattern from Knitty. While it is very interesting to look at, it’s still incredibly soft and comfortable. Make it an even more personal gift by using the recipient’s favorite colors or by picking ones that will match the nursery.

8. Make a Wave Blanket

Make a Wave Blanket

img: robynefmelia

This wavy feather and fan blanket from Robynefmelia looks more difficult to knit than it is, but is still incredibly impressive when the work is done. You can choose a number of different colors to ensure that the final color scheme matches the nursery and will love how quickly it knits up.

9. Knit with Diamonds

Knit with Diamonds

img: redheart

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and at Red Heart you can easily knit them into a warm blanket for a new baby. Using chunky yarn will help the process go a lot faster so that you aren’t spending weeks working on this gift.

10. Make a Pinwheel

Make a Pinwheel

img: ravelry

A blanket doesn’t have to be square or rectangular. If you want to make a gift that is gorgeous, but a little different than what your recipient may have gotten in the past, then consider knitting a round blanket.

This is sure to be a well-received gift that the baby will love, so see how to do it on Ravelry.

11. Four Corners Square

Four Corners Square

img: knittingpatternsgalore

Textured squares knit into the blanket set this one apart from other patterns that you may have found. The extra steps that you have to take to make these squares are easy enough, but make a huge difference in the final appearance of the blanket. See how to do it on Knitting Patterns Galore.

12. Delicate Baby Blanket

Delicate Baby Blanket

img: freepatterns

For a very delicate blanket, you will need to choose not only the right yarn, but also a cable-knit pattern that is airy and light. At Free Patterns you can get the pattern for this gorgeous blanket and have it made in no time.

13. Knit the Rainbow

Knit the Rainbow

img: theanarchistknitter

At The Anarchist Knitter you can find a pattern for a gorgeous rainbow blanket. This blanket is full of rich colors that will stand out in any room and it is sure to become a fast favorite of the baby as they grow up.

14. Wild And Wonderful Blanket

Wild And Wonderful Blanket

img: knitty

Stripes don’t have to be boring, as this pattern from Knitty proves. If you want your blanket to make an impact and to really stand out, then opt for this bold pattern and you’ll see how stripes can be exciting.

15. Simple Cambria Blanket

Simple cambria Blanket

img: ravelry

If you are just getting started knitting, then you will love this simple pattern from Ravelry. Not only is the pattern fairly easy, but they have written out steps that will make knitting your own blanket fast and simple so that you don’t get frustrated when working.

16. Sweet Candy Blanket

Sweet Candy Blanket

img: redheart

At Red Heart you’ll find a sweet pattern that is striped like peppermints. This easy pattern only uses a few skeins of yarn and is a great option for a beginner who doesn’t have a lot of experience knitting yet and is worried about making a mistake.

17. Elegant Baby Blanket

Elegant Baby Blanket

img: premery

A simple baby blanket can still be elegant and a showstopper, as Premery shows. You’re sure to love the scalloped edges on this blanket and how delicate the knitting appears when you are finished.

18. Make it with Checks

Make it with Checks

img: berroco

Even beginners can handle this pattern from Berroco. Thanks to the clear instruction, you will soon be making a gorgeous checked blanket that is cozy and comfortable. Add a border for a bright bit of color.

The next time you need to knit a blanket for a baby, consider one of these patterns. They are all gorgeous and fun and great for beginners to more advanced knitters.