Best 7 Creative for DIY Home Decor

With many products available online, everyone looks for that unique material or shelf or pendant that seems to just fit your home. Sometimes you get inspired to create something of your own, something that is unique and second to none.

This is where DIY home decor comes in with a little craftiness, you can make interesting furniture and accessories that make to liven up the mood and improve the general ambience of the room.

Create your own design, you can create anything that you may need with just a little imagination. With a few handy tools and a lot of imagination, creating decor elements for your home can be quite easy. The advantages is you can use recycled elements within your home. You may also enhance it further and develop it as product design.

7 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Here are some of the DIY ideas that you should consider making.

1. Cool DIY Hanging Shelves

DIY hanging shelves

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Do you have small trinkets and decorative ceramic sculptures that you have no idea where to hang or place? Using a wooden board, a rope, some metal rings, a pair of scissors, a drill and saw, you can make an awesome hanging shelf.

It is quite simple and straight forward. Read the full step at this website

2. Decorate your home with golden magnetic letters

magnetic letters

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With gold spray paint and primer, you can create fabulous gold coated magnetic lettering. You can find magnetic lettering from Amazon or the kid’s section in toy stores.

This will make your fridge look more fabulous and you can create as many words as you like. More details, click here link

3. Picture frame shelves

picture frame shelves

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Did you know you can make shadow boxes framed with an old picture frame? You can do this by using thrifted drawers that seem to be in good condition and creating a personalized pattern with the frame size.

You can decide to paint it all white and finish it with the primer. See step-by-step detail here

4. The mirror with plastic spoons

decorative wall mirrors

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Make a flower shaped mirror frame with a darker gradient in the center by only using plastic spoons. Use the scoop part of the spoon to and overlay them to create a Chrysanthemum flowery effect.

Grade the colors gradually with each layer to give it the flowery effect. Click this link for reading all the step

5. DIY Succulent Bookends

DIY succulent bookends

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Bookends are crucial in making sure that your books stay in place and not lie across the shelf. One of the methods to ensure this doesn’t happen, is by making a book end.

With a hot glue gun and a live succulent plant, you can design it and make it useful. Read more details at this site

6. Nice rope ottoman ideas

rope ottoman

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An ottoman is commonly used in sitting rooms. You can make your own ottoman by using old tires, a long rope, and a hot glue gun. More detail click here

7. DIY Feather pendant

feather pendant

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Ever thought of making a lighting pendant? Create a lightweight using feathers to adorn your pendant. This can be easily done and the results are impeccable.

The glow when lit creates a heavenly and cloud-like effect that make your room feel airy and light. Full tutorials, please go to read at this site