Best 7 Fabric Crafts Projects

Fabric crafts can be very interesting and useful. Crafting is not only for the people that love producing things. It is also a nice way to relax after a hard day at work, or enjoy a time well spent with your kids. There are many types of craft you can practice and in this article we decided to present you some of the most interesting fabric crafts. We chose a total of 7 different products.

All of them are unique and can represent a part of your own thoughts and creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment or change something in the design that we suggested to each of them, they are your piece of art and deserve to look best for you.

7 Fabric Crafts Projects

We list a simple project of your choice, just pick the first one that you think like and start doing it 🙂

1. Fabric Treasure Bags

Fabric Treasure Bags


Treasure bags are not necessarily meant for keeping treasure or money. You can use them for jewelry, keeping memorable little gifts for the people you love or even photos. Always make sure to choose a soft and beautiful fabric to correspond with your spirit.

2. Fabric Scrap Dreamcatcher

Fabric Scrap Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatchers are those cute things that produce various of beautiful sounds that calm you down. They can be created out of various products, including various fabrics in different colors and patterns. Choosing warm colors will make your dreamcatcher spread a warm and cozy energy, no matter where you put it.

3. Watercolor Table Linens

Watercolor Table Linens


Don’t be suspicious to try this craft just because it is made with watercolors. The watercolor table linens are the perfect way for you to show your artsy skills and create a table linen that everyone will be amazed of.

4. Baby Necktie

Make a Baby Necktie


Don’t we all love dressing up our babies in all those cute little clothes? A baby necktie craft can be the perfect accessory for your little one. Just make sure to choose a material that will be the most suitable for your child.

5. Kitchen Placemets

Kitchen Placemats


Is there any better way to enjoy your meal than putting it on an original crafted kitchen placement? No matter which color or fabric you choose, it will certainly bring diversity in your kitchen.

6. Baby Hat

baby hat sewing pattern


Babies are always the most cute when they wear hats. If you decide to craft your own baby’s hat, you can add cute little bunny years to it or a sweet flower which will look just perfect.

7. Hot and Cold DIY Bags

Hot and Cold DIY Bags

Source: beeinmybonnetco

When you first read the subheading you may think that we will be discussing actual bag, but that is not the case. These hot and cold bags are used to assist you in holding various objects. For example, if you want to drink a hot cup of tea or a hot chocolate in a cup that has no handle, you can make this DIY bag which will assist you to hold the cup without getting burned.

You can choose whichever fabric you like and create a bag in which you will put a bit of rice, to keep the temperature away from you. It works excellent and looks nice and fashionable as well.