15 Best Paper Beads Template That Easy To Get Started

Making your own paper beads is a fun way to craft and create, especially if you want to know that you created your new item or jewelry from start to finish. Rather than buying your beads and stringing them together, when you use a great paper beads template, you can quickly learn how to make your own beads.

While this does take a little practice, it is a fun way to craft. These 15 templates will help you get started making your own beads right away so that you can enjoy making your own crafts. Use them as guides so you can create your own art today.

1. Enjoy Different Shapes

Enjoy Different Shapes

image: helenhiebertstudio

If you want to experiment with different shapes for your bead, it is a good idea to download and use a template that will let you practice with a few types before committing.

The experts at Helen Hiebert Studio have a template that will help you get started making different types of beads right away.

2. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

image: bigbeadlittlebead

Making a bead doesn’t have to be difficult. Try this simple template from Big Bead Little Bead and you will find that there really isn’t anything too terribly hard about making your own bead, although you do need to be patient and practice lots.

3. Perfect for Beginners

Perfect for Beginners

image: ilovepaperbeads

Everyone has to learn how making a bead at some point, and using a great template that is designed for beginners is the best way to reduce any stress that you may feel about doing this. Trust the experts at I Love Paper Beads to provide you with a beginner-friendly template.

4. Keep Them Little

Keep Them Little

image: rainbowscrafts-n-creations

Rainbow’s Crafts and Creations have made it easy for you to make small beads, thanks to their helpful and free template. This allows you to quickly and easily cut and roll a lot of beads quickly so that you don’t have to delay starting your next project.

5. Big Paper Beads

Big Paper Beads

image: thesprucecrafts

You can easily make a large paper bead when you use the right template, as this will reduce any stress or frustration that you may feel over trying to measure your strips of paper.

You can trust the experts at The Spruce to help you make bigger beads for your next project.

6. Embrace Variations

Embrace Variations

image: suzycucumber

At Suzy Cucumber, you can easily try out different variations of bead so that you are able to make a wide assortment to use. This will ensure that you don’t get bored when making your new beads or when using them to come up with a new craft.

7. Keep It Traditional

Keep It Traditional

image: handmade-loveliness

The experts at Handmade Loveliness know a thing or two about making a bead and have a free template available that will allow you to make traditional beads. Whether you are just getting started or really love this style, this template will help you out a lot.

8. Basic and Simple

Basic and Simple

image: allfreejewelrymaking

An easy-to-read template is key to great bead making, especially if you are just starting out or have had trouble making beads in the past. Trust the professionals at All Free Jewelry Making to provide you with a template that you can easily understand.

9. Step Up Your Game

Step Up Your Game

image: fun-stuff-to-do

Check out the free template for paper beads at Fun Stuff to Do, when you are ready to make more advanced or difficult beads. While this template is still easy to understand and use, it is going to allow you to make beads that are a little bit more impressive.

This is a great way to boost your confidence and creativity when you have been making a bead for a while.

10. Embrace Color

Embrace Color

image: allfreepapercrafts

If you don’t want to have to trace your pattern onto another paper, you can easily use this template and start making beads right away, as it has great colors and patterns on it already. Visit All Free Paper Crafts to learn how to make a bead and get started now.

11. Alter Your Pattern

Alter Your Pattern

image: handmade-loveliness

As you become comfortable making a bead, you may find that you want to alter your pattern to create unique types of beads that nobody else have made before.

The experts at Handmade Loveliness show you how easily you can do this to create custom beads that are unlike any that you can find elsewhere, making them incredibly special.

12. Get Funky Pattern

Get Funky Pattern

image: craftfoxes

A bead shouldn’t be boring, as you can see at Craft Foxes. Here you have free access to a great printable template that is filled in with fun and funky patterns that you can start rolling right away. You can also trace this template onto other paper or even color it in.

13. Keep It Skinny

Keep It Skinny

image: etherealpluswhatilove

Long, skinny pieces of paper will make interesting a bead, as you can see at Ethereal, Plus What I Love. This template allows you to easily make lots of skinny pieces of paper for beads, which will speed up the process that you have to go through when rolling a bead.

14. Rustic Pattern

Rustic Pattern

image: cutoutandkeep

If you think that you may want to design your own bead, this template from Cut Out and Keep will be really helpful. It shows you the exact measurements that you need to use as well as how different shapes will make different beads when you are done rolling them.

15. Roll The Whole Thing

Roll The Whole Thing

image: handmade-loveliness

Once you have mastered traditional bead, try a template from Handmade Loveliness that will show you how to make beads that are a little different and interesting. These beads are a little harder to make, but the end result is stunning and worth it.

Making paper beads is a very fun activity and will provide you with homemade beads for other crafts. Using one of these great templates will ensure that you are ready to roll beads, no matter what shape or size you prefer, so choose a template and get started making your own beads today.