Decorating Ideas for Living Room – Make the Most of Your Space

Looking for the top decorating ideas for living room? It’s the living room that sees the most traffic, in any house. It’s the first place that comes to our mind when we think of decorating a place. Apart from our own convenience, it gives our guests, the very first impression of how we live.

It plays many roles depending on our mood. Some want it to be a formal space for guests while other want it casual.

Where does the furniture go?

The Spruce says furniture is an integral part of the living room to look classy. We should keep in mind a few basic things while arranging them.

  • Focal Point: Fix a focal point and all of the furniture should be arranged around it. The focal could be any pre-existing feature such as a window, fireplace etc. We can also make our own focal point by putting something such as a TV.
  • Conversation Area: The furniture should be arranged in such a manner that it’s comfortable for everybody to talk to others without putting any effort.
  • Space: It should be kept in mind that the furniture shouldn’t obstruct the path. Anyone should be able to move to any desired place with ease.
  • Intimacy: The furniture shouldn’t be arranged too close to the walls of the room. It’s a common perception and habit to do that. Instead, if they are put a bit closer, it gives a feeling of closeness among people sitting around.

Right Placement of Accessories.

According to Raymour Flanigan, a living room is soulless with plain walls. The decoration is incomplete without art in the room. Now, different people have different preferences and taste for the type of art to go with.

But one thing that can be unanimously agreed upon is it should exist. The Spruce delineates some aspects that should be taken care of while putting accessories.

decorating ideas for living room

1. Selecting Art: The range of art that can be chosen is very wide. It can be fabric samples, framed pages from old books, even the Washi tape artworks great.

2. Around Sofa: The first place to start can be the wall above the sofa. For the art to have an impact, its size should at least be two-third of the width of the sofa. If your art is not that big, it can be resolved in two ways.

First, put a collection of small arts to satisfy the criteria with a gap of two to three inches between the frames. The second option could be to choose a bigger frame for the art to make it up to the length.

Lighting the Room Up.

Living rooms serve many different purposes and therefore it is very important to have the appropriate kind of lighting which goes in accord with the color of the wall and other accessories present in the room.

  • Table Lamps: These provide task lighting and we can have a few scattered throughout the room in different spots. If you prefer a formal look, it’s a good idea to have a pair of matching lamps on either side of the table.
  • Floor Lamps: These can be used for lighting up the corners of the room so that there is an equal distribution of light in the room.
  • Wall Sconces: It is a great idea to use these to add ambient light to the living room. They add to the beauty of the room when placed on either side of a mirror or piece of art.
  • Hanging fixtures: Chandeliers and pendant lamps can be great decorative items as they add depth to the room and emanate glow to space.

The Rugs.

Area rugs have become very popular these days and are replacing wall to wall carpet. If your room has neutral furniture and wall, you can go for patterned rugs to add color to your room. On the other hand, you can choose a solid rug in a neutral color to soothe an eclectic room.

Bottom Line.

The living room is one of the most versatile spaces. Just like our clothes reflect our sartorial sense, the overall look of the living room reflects our aesthetic sense.

Using appropriate lighting, furniture and accessories that go in accord with the size of the room and the color of the walls can make the living room alluring.