18 DIY Wedding Invitations Ideas That Will Save You Budget

Getting married is thrilling, but if you want a little more control over the way that your wedding looks and want to make sure that it perfectly expresses who you are as a couple, then it’s time to skip the store.

You can easily create DIY wedding invitations ideas that will reflect you and your significant other without breaking the bank. Spend some time bonding over making your invitation, and see how fun it can be.

Before you go shopping for an invitation card, try out one of these 18 DIY designs. You’re sure to find one that you both love and will meet your needs.

1. Make it Pop with a Butterfly

Make it Pop with a Butterfly

image: createandbabble

At Create and Babble you can see how easy it is to make a wedding invitation complete with a gorgeous butterfly that is sure to impress anyone you invite. Because the butterfly is 3D, it will really stand out and draw attention to your invitation.

2. Enjoy A Glamour

Enjoy A Glamour

image: polkadotbride

For a more glamorous wedding invitation that is sure to wow all of your guests, check out what Polka Dot Bride did. This all-white invitation is incredibly beautiful and will really set the tone for a classic and glamorous wedding, perfect if you want to make sure that you are a traditional couple.

3. Stamp it Up

Stamp it Up

image: ohsobeautifulpaper

Floral stamps can be used to edge your invitation in a number of different inks and are a great way to create a wedding invitation that is different from anything in the stores. See how to do it at Oh So Beautiful Paper, and you’re sure to be tempted to pick up some stamps.

4. Celebrate Fall

Celebrate Fall

image: do-it-yourself-invitations

Perfect for a fall ceremony, this fun invitation will work perfectly if you are enjoying a wedding that isn’t as traditional. See how to bring fall to life, and enjoy this time of year when you check out the tutorial at Do It Yourself Invitations.

5. Handkerchief Invitation

Handkerchief Invitation

image: downloadandprint

Nothing will seem more vintage and handmade than this handkerchief invitation from Download and Print. Use photo fabric for a wedding invitation that becomes an heirloom and is something that your guests will want to hang on to.

6. Vintage Fern Invitations

Vintage Fern Invitations

image: ohsobeautifulpaper

At Oh So Beautiful Paper you will love these vintage botanical invitations adorned with gorgeous ferns. If you love the outdoors or anything vintage then you can really set the tone for your big day with these great invites.

7. Get Beachy Invitations

Get Beachy Invitations

image: do-it-yourself-invitations

If you are getting married at the beach, then it makes sense that your invitation would reflect that. You can see how to make great beach-themed invitations at Do It Yourself Invitations, and prepare for a day in paradise.

8. Reach for Wax Paper

Reach for Wax Paper

image: oncewed

Wax paper invitations appear a little delicate and will give your guests pause when they open the envelope. They are incredible pretty, delicate, and easy to make, if you follow the directions laid out by the professionals at Once Wed.

9. Paint Watercolor Florals

Paint Watercolor Florals

image: ohsobeautifulpaper

If you are artistic, then you will love painting your own floral wedding invitations. This allows you complete creative control over the process and the final product and will allow you to express yourself through the invitation. Get inspired over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

10. Enjoy Bamboo

Enjoy Bamboo

image: do-it-yourself-invitations

Bamboo invitation are calm, natural, and will help to perfectly reflect the theme and feel of your big day. At Do It Yourself Invitations, you can see how easy it is to make great bamboo invitations that you’re sure to love.

11. Be Mirror Art

Be Mirror Art

image: redprairiepress

You don’t have to use traditional invitation, and inviting your guests via a DVD is a fun and fresh take on this traditional. See how to do it at Red Prairie Press, and you’re sure to be inspired to make your own DVD for family and friends.

12. Fold Your Own

Fold Your Own

image: boho-weddings

For a rustic look that is perfect for a woodland themed wedding or one on top of a mountain, see how the professionals at Boho Wedding stamped, folded, and DIY-ed these great invitations that are a true showstopper.

13. Embrace Your Shabby Chic Side

Embrace Your Shabby Chic Side

image: depressioneradarlings

Shabby chic is everywhere right now, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it at your wedding, as well. See how Depression Era Darlings made invitation that are vintage, gorgeous, and easily to make uniquely your own.

14. Make Then Rustic

Make Then Rustic

image: mountainmodernlife

Rustic invitation is a great way to really let your personality shine through if you aren’t going to have a traditional or glitzy wedding. See how to make these great invitations at Mountain Modern Life, and you’ll be making your own in no time.

15. Getting Married at Christmas

Getting Married at Christmas

image: diy-invitations

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, then you need to make sure that your big day stands out from the rest of the festivities. Do It Yourself Invitations make it easy for couples to make their own invitation without worrying about whether or not they will get lost in the mail.

16. Use a Monogram

Use a Monogram

image: ohsobeautifulpaper

For a traditional wedding invitation that will still stand out from the rest you see, try one with a monogram. These are relatively easy to make and very impressive. Check them out at Oh So Beautiful Paper, and see why so many people opt for this great idea.

17. Go Bold with a Peacock

Go Bold with a Peacock

image: blissfuldomestication

Sometimes just a little something extra will really set your invitation apart, as you can see at Blissful Domestication. Here, a peacock feature is all that is needed to take these invitations to the next level.

18. Make it Sparkle

Make it Sparkle

image: weddingchicks

If you love everything to do with sparkles, then you will love these invitations from Wedding Chicks. They are a glitzy and glam way to invite people to your wedding, but they aren’t over the top. You’ll love the understated feel that they have and how exciting they are at the same time.

Before spending a lot of money on wedding invitations, try making your own. This is a great way to ensure that your personality is expressed through your invitation and can be a lot of fun.