Have You Ever Wondered About DIY Canvas Painting?

You scan a neighbor’s home to take a look at the decor. What is one of the first items that will catch your eye? Well, of course it is the art that is on the wall.

Good Art Doesn’t Have The Cost

You might think that you could never afford such unique pieces. And maybe that is true. However, there is one option that you probably have not considered. With a little know how, you can make DIY canvas painting art.

Learning how to do this is an invaluable skill. You can not only adorn your own home with such pieces, but you may even be able to start a business. Farmer’s Markets and other artisan affairs are always looking for an entrepreneur with a set of beautiful wares for sale.

All you need for this venture is the right inspiration. Thankfully, we have you covered on this front with the following five examples:

1. An Abstract Art

Abstract Art

We love the layout of how to make these pieces at Nourish and Nestle . All you need is large canvas, acrylic paint, gold leaf sheets, leaf adhesive size, a pallet knife, putty knife, and a large 2″ paint brush to create the beautiful looks that can be seen on this site.

We recommend abstract art for those that love color over form. Abstract art can help with tying in a color scheme in a room. You will want to know what you are trying to achieve though before you begin.

2. Beach Painting

Beach Painting
You will want to look at Artsy Chicks Rule  for examples. They start will molding paste on the canvas. It is back to playschool. Then we will want you to lay on the colors thick to enact your favorite beach scene.

Layer by layer, you will watch a catchy product emerge that makes you want to stare all day and long for the beach. We love that the supply list for this project is very short.

Just purchase the right molding paste, painting knife set, canvas, acrylic craft paint, and easel. You will be well on your way after following the budget and time friendly instructions.

3. Paint An Iris

Paint An Iris
We know you will be inspired by Flower Patch’s Farmhouse DIY. You will have to start with a photo of an Iris that you want to replicate. Then you will sketch it out on a pad. Finally, you will learn scallop stroking to make the most of the delicate flower patterning.

We recommend that you get the exact type of brushes recommended on the site. It will make the dainty work a lot easier. The supply list is very specific, so you won’t need to worry about what colors to use.

4. Birch Tree Painting

Birch Tree Painting

We will be honest with you. Any type of tree pictures done right are art classics. That’s why Persia Loud has hit the jackpot with this ensemble. We recommend that you master these so you can teach classes for your girlfriends.

All you really need is a masking tape, canvas, and black and white acrylic craft paint for this to turn out successfully. There are a few more supplies, but they are the same as the other paintings above. We recommend you go through all the lists and get all the supplies at once.

5. Polka Dot Art

Polka Dot Art
We love the way this art looks like bubbles rising up. This is a great piece for the bathroom to tie together the color scheme. Dabbles & Babbles does not disappoint with these on the rise statement pieces.

Circular pouncers are what you will use to make these circular objects on the canvas. Then all you need is the canvas and the colors. This last one seems like the easiest of the bunch.

We were hoping that you would make a stab at all five though. Your walls will be the envy of all the neighbors. And you will have saved thousands just by choosing to do it yourself.

DIY canvas painting is popular now a days. However, there are a lot of copy cat Monet’s and too few simplistic large wall pieces to go around. You can still be ahead of the game by making art that you will actually be proud to display on your walls.