17 Best Home Organization Hacks Help to Manage Your Home Area

Organizing your home can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start or how to get the most out of the time that you spend working on your space.

Without knowing some of the best home organization hacks, you will likely find that you are simply cleaning and organizing the same locations in your home again and again.

When you take advantage of these great hacks, you will quickly see how they can change your life and make organizing your home fast and fun. The next time you are going to organize your home, try out one of these great hacks to save time and frustration.

1. Keep Your Pens in Place

Keep Your Pens in Place

img: toriejayne

If you suffer from having pens strewn all over your home then it’s time to corral them all into one place. Using old tin cans and wrapping them with pretty paper as Torie Jayne did is a great way to stay organized.

2. Double Your Hanging Space

Double Your Hanging Space

img: theshabbycreekcottage

If your closet is getting a little full, then try doubling your space with the help of soda can tabs like The Shabby Creek Cottage did. By hooking the tab over a hanger and then hanging another item from the other half of the tab, you will increase your storage and keep clothes neat.

3. Scarves Holder Idea

Scarves Holder Idea

img: irinascutebox

While they’re great for keeping you warm, they are also difficult to keep contained and neat when not in use. Follow the advice from Irinas Cute Box, and learn how to make a cute and functional scarf hanger to keep them all neat and organized in your closet.

4. Find Your Cups

Find Your Cups

img: adventuresinpinterest

Families with small children know that kids love to use a cup, put it down, and get another. Adventures in Pinterest found the perfect way to keep all of the cups in their home from being used by attaching magnets to them.

5. Keep Paper Bags Under Control

Paper Bags Under Control

img: everyday-organizing

If you aren’t careful, paper bags from the grocery store can quickly take over your home. The experts at Everyday Organizing used file folders as a great way to keep paper bags neatly stored against the wall so that they aren’t all over the floor.

6. Use Stair Buckets for Your Kids

Use Stair Buckets for Your Kids

img: remarkablehome

Getting kids to take their belongings to their room can be hard, but use buckets like Remarkable Home did, and the process is a lot faster. Each child gets their own bucket, and they have to take it with them when they go to their room to empty it out.

7. Keep Your Makeup Under Control

Keep Your Makeup Under Control

img: laurathoughts81

Laura Thoughts knows that keeping your makeup under control can be difficult, which is why she turned to magnets for help. A make-up board where your makeup is all clearly displayed makes getting ready in the morning not only easier and faster, but more fun.

8. Slide a Drawer Under the Bed

Slide a Drawer Under the Bed

img: thepaintedhome

It’s easy for toys to get lost under a child’s bed, but when you use an old drawer as storage, as The Painted Home did, you can easily pull out the toys all at once. Make sure you use high-quality casters so that the drawer is easy to move.

9. Hang Your Measuring Cups

Hang Your Measuring Cups

img: h2obungalow

When you can’t find your measuring cups during a cooking project it’s really frustrating. H20 Bungalow hung all of theirs on the inside of a cupboard door so that they are always within easy reach and clearly labeled, making baking a breeze.

10. Control Your Cables

Control Your Cables

img: wired.com

Wired knows that keeping cables under control at your desk can be a nightmare. When you use binder clips you’ll find that you can easily determine which cable you need, and you won’t have to worry about dropping the end.

11. Build More Storage

Build More Storage

img: thisoldhouse

If you don’t have enough storage in the living room for toys, blankets, or magazines, then it’s time to make sure that your furniture does double duty. Follow the instructions at This Old House for a DIY storage ottoman you’ll love.

12. Hang Your Bathroom Towels

Hang Your Bathroom Towels

img: 11magnolialane

Save storage space by rolling up your bathroom towels and displaying them on a wine rack on the wall. 11 Magnolia Lane found that this was a great way to keep towels within easy reach and out of a closet.

13. Make Your Own Basket

Make Your Own Basket

img: iheartorganizing

Using a plastic basket from the dollar store and some attractive rope you can easily create extra storage that will be customized to your home. See how I Heart Organizing did it and take control of your clutter.

14. Keep Puzzles Contained

Keep Puzzles Contained

img: craftsallover

Old puzzle boxes are prone to tearing and will scatter their pieces. Transfer the pieces and the picture from the box to Tupperware containers like Crafts All Over did, and you will always know where your favorite puzzle is.

15. Build a Drop-Down Desk

Build a Drop-Down Desk

img: rainonatinroof

Everyone needs a desk, but you can save a lot of space by making one that will drop down off of the wall when you need it. Check out how the experts at Rain on a Tin Roof did it, and you can make your own.

16. Make a Market Caddy

Make a Market Caddy

img: auntpeaches

While art is important, it is also often messy. Using an old shoe box and toilet paper tubes, Aunt Peaches found a way to keep markers contained in a handy caddy. It’s much easier to find the right color too, as they aren’t all laying down.

17. Make a Backpack Station

Make a Backpack Station

img: imbatmom

I’m Batmom shows how easy it is to make a backpack station and keep her kids’ things all in one place and organized for school. Imagine how much easier your mornings could be.

When you are ready to organize your home, then it’s time to try out one of these great hacks. No matter whether your problem area is the closet or the kitchen, using one of these fun and easy hacks is sure to help you live in a more organized space that you are sure to love, so choose one that fits with your skill level to make major changes in your home.