20 Ideas for Kitchen Organization DIY Make Your Kitchen Look Spotless

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. If your kitchen is clean or picked up though, family members and guests may feel uncomfortable spending time in this space. You can make sure that your kitchen is a welcoming area that everyone wants to be in when you take time to organize it.

This will also ensure that you can easily find everything that you need when it is time to cook. With these helpful kitchen organization DIY tips, you’ll find that your kitchen is neat, organized, and easy to use. Try out one of these 20 tips, and see how easily you can update and organize your kitchen.

1. Control Your Sports Bottles

Control Your Sports Bottles

image: drivenbydecor

Sports bottles may be necessary, but they can be a pain to store in the kitchen. Follow what Driven by Decor did, and update your space with magazine holders turned on their side to stack your bottles and keep them corralled.

2. Organize Your Pantry

Organize Your Pantry

image: worldlabel

Having a neat pantry can be difficult, but not when everything is clearly labeled. Cute labels, like the ones at WorldLabel, make it easy to keep your space looking its best and make sure that you know where ingredients are.

3. Install Sink Tip-Outs

Install Sink Tip-Outs

image: domestically-speaking

While these may seem tricky, the experts at Domestically Speaking show how easy it is to install sink tip-outs so that you can make the most out of the space in a smaller kitchen. This is a great way to store your sponge out of the way.

4. Turn to Baskets

Turn to Baskets

image: iheartorganizing

Running out of drawers to store items can be frustrating, but do as I Heart Organizing did, and reach for attractive baskets to store certain items on top of your counter. This ensures that you can always grab what you need quickly.

5. Increase Canned Goods Storage

Increase Canned Goods Storage

image: classyclutter

Canned goods can take up a lot of space, but at Classy Clutter, you can learn how to control them and keep them in one area. This is a DIY project that takes a little effort, but is worth it.

6. Keep Cutting Boards Off the Counter

Keep Cutting Boards Off the Counter

image: lifehacker

Cutting boards can take up a lot of countertop space, or you can do what Lifehacker did and use a magazine rack to store your cutting boards in the cupboard.

7. Hang Your Wash Gloves

Hang Your Wash Gloves

image: drivenbydecor

Using gloves to wash dishes will protect your hands, but they are difficult to store. Add grommets to them, and hang them inside a cabinet door the way that Driven by Decor did and they will stay out of the way.

8. Hang Your Spices

Hang Your Spices

image: instructables

Spices can take up a lot of space in your kitchen, but not if you use a magnetic organizing system to hang them under your cupboards like they did at Instructables. Free up counter top and drawer space with this handy DIY.

9. Keep Your Produce Fresh

Keep Your Produce Fresh

image: domesticdivadomain

Air can’t circulate around your produce when it is stored in a bowl, but like the expert at Domestic Diva Domain did, when you store it in a hanging shower rack then you won’t have to worry about it rotting as quickly.

10. Add More Storage

Add More Storage

image: whitetulipdesigns

The side of your island or cupboards is a great location for extra storage. See how White Tulip Designs did it, and you’ll be sure to want more storage in your kitchen, as well.

11. Tiny Pantry Functional

Tiny Pantry Functional

image: prettyprovidence

Small items tend to get lost in a pantry, but when you use an over-the-door shoe organizer that has clear pockets you will be able to easily see where everything is. See how they did it at Pretty Providence, and get inspired.

12. Hang Your Pans

Hang Your Pans

image: abeautifulmess

Pots and pans are very bulky and can be difficult to store, but not when you hang them on a pegboard. Paint the board a color to match your space, like they did at A Beautiful Mess, and enjoy your new storage.

13. Upcycle Utensil Storage

Upcycle Utensil Storage

image: blahblahmagazine

You have to have kitchen utensils close by when cooking, so they might as well be in cute storage. See how to do it at Blah Blah Magazine.

14. Use a Lazy Susan

Use a Lazy Susan

image: thefrugalhomemaker

At The Frugal Homemade, they know that Lazy Susans are a great way to keep items within reach on the counter. They are great for use on a coffee table and allow everyone to grab their creamer or sugar.

15. Go Vertical Idea

Go Vertical Idea

image: abeautifulmess

Save countertop space by storing items on the wall instead of on the counter. This is easy enough to do when you check it out at A Beautiful Mess.

16. Organize Your Cookie Cutters

Organize Your Cookie Cutters

image: therosemaryhouse

If you love to make cookies, then you probably have a lot of cookie cutters. Instead of sorting through them each time you need a specific one, separate them into groups and put them in labeled bags like the expert did at The Rosemary House.

17. Hang Storage on the Refrigerator

Hang Storage on the Refrigerator

image: instructables

Instead of leaving your refrigerator bare or covering it with art, try attaching small bins to the side with magnets for instant storage that can be removed and moved around the kitchen. See it at Instructables.

18. Don’t Be Afraid of Convenient Storage

Don’t Be Afraid of Convenient Storage

image: thefrugalhomemaker

If you love to bake, then don’t hide all of your ingredients in the cupboard, as this will make the whole process take more time. The Frugal Homemaker keeps commonly-used ingredients on the counter and can easily see when she needs more.

19. Use Risers in the Cupboards

Use Risers in the Cupboards

image: goodhousekeeping

You can enjoy a lot more space in your cupboards when you use risers to lift certain items up and out of the way. See how it’s done at Good Housekeeping, and you may be inspired to make some changes in your kitchen, as well.

20. Stack Your Snacks

Stack Your Snacks

image: thefrugalhomemaker

Keep snacks within reach and out of the cupboard when you put them in a basket or a tiered bin. This way everyone can grab something when they are hungry, and you will always know when to go shopping. See it at The Frugal Homemaker.

Your kitchen can be organized and meet the needs of your family, but you have to be willing to do a little work. Any of these great DIY organization ideas are sure to bring new life to your kitchen and make sure that your space works for your family.