How to Make A Hanging Makeup Organizer?

It is the beginning of the New Year, and what better way to start it than being organized. Creating a makeup organizer is an awesome idea that helps to control the clutter. Having a disorganized makeup area makes your morning sessions difficult.

If you have a cluttered set of makeup, a makeup organizer is great if you want your makeup sessions to be faster and easier. It is very important to personalize your space and clear all your clutter!

The inspiration for a hanging makeup organizer came from the IKEA magnetic spice jars. We used this idea to stick makeup storage bins and stick them on a hanging surface on the wall or behind your closet door. We hope you like our creation.

What We Need To Make a Makeup Organizer?

There are many different options for making a DIY makeup organizer, you can check designs from Bustle.

But in this design, the Required Materials are:

  • Wooden Frame (optional)
  • Wallpaper (optional)
  • Wall brackets
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire storage bins
  • 3 meter wire hooks
  • 7” x 11” steel shingle(s)
  • Magnet sheet
  • Glue
  • 1/4 inch Plywood board
  • Brass fasteners
  • Drill and bits

Instructions to Follow

hanging makeup organizer

1. Cut The Magnet Sheet

Cut the magnet sheets to fit into the behind of the makeup containers, by gluing the magnets to the behind of the containers, with the magnets facing outside. You can label the makeup containers with a marker so that it will be easy to note them.

2. Drill The Metal

Align the steel shingle with the boards, and drill through the plywood board, holes should be made in each corner. You can buy stainless steel pans at any utility store, they are very cheap to buy.

3. Cover The Plywood

Cover the board using wallpaper or fabric to make it look attractive. Attach the fabric to the metal pans using adhesive. Spray adhesive is required to make it stick evenly.

However, you can also use double-sided tape. If you decide to use, double-sided tape make a grid all over the pan making a lot of contact points between the fabric and pan.

To cover the metal pans, you can use any fabric; it should be big enough to cover all four edges of the pans. Ensure the fabric is smooth and neat by ironing it. You can check various designs on Pinterest.

4. Fasten The Brass

Using brass pins fasten and attaches the shingle to the ply board. To make it look more attractive, you can frame the finished organizer.

5. Hang The Wall Organizer

Using brackets mount or hang the organizer on a wall or behind your closet door. View various bracket designs on B&Q.

6. Prepare The Wire Bins

Using a wire cutter, make some small holes in the wire bins to lodge in the wire hooks.

7. Insert The Hooks

Attach the hooks to your wall organizer with screws. If you decide to use magnets rather than a magnetic sheet it is important to note the following.

You can buy magnets anywhere at any utility shop; they are usually cheap, you can use a screwdriver to remove the magnets from the plastic casings. The best thing about utility store magnets is that they are prised out.

For small cosmetics you can use only one magnet, however with huge cosmetics, you can use a huge magnet or two to ensure they hold on strong. It is also advisable to use a strip magnet this can give you a better finish behind the cosmetic rather than sticking regular magnet.

Strip magnets ensure a flatter and more polished look, however it will not be stronger. When you decide to stick magnets on your makeup cases, it is important that you don’t stick them on the labels so that you know what bottle to replace in case you want to repurchase a new one.

Once your DIY wall hanging organizer is built, you can instantly store your makeup. You can place makeup that is magnet ready on the magnet shingles.

Items such as brushes, lip gloss, and pencil can be stored in the storage bins which can be easily unhooked from the organizer to be easily accessed. You can add more bins to the organizer according to the number of makeup containers you have.

More details and step-by-step, you can learn how to create a hanging makeup organizer by checking out the video below

Video by LifeHacks