How to Make A Long Beaded Necklace at Home

The world of DIY jewelry is in craze at present, thanks to all the craft bloggers and people who made it easy and comfortable to the jewelry lovers. You don’t have to rush to the jewelry shop or crave for the long beaded necklace that someone else you know has bought.

Online videos and step by step guides are available to make your dream come true. Just by sitting on your couch, you can make a beaded necklace as per your choice.

There is nothing fancy to learn or do, but you can add a pinch of creativity in it anytime. Just follow the guidance given below and start your DIY handmade beaded jewelry right away.

How to Make a Beaded Necklace?

Statement beaded necklace are simple to make, but you need to organize everything up-front before you finally set to start the project. The things you need to do are:

1. Gather the required materials:

Make sure you have all the Necessary Materials on hand like beads, super glue, beading thread or wires, crimp beads, cutter and closures to properly finish up the necklace. You can buy all the materials online or your local craft store.

2. Decide about the style of your product:

As you want to make a long necklace, you need to create a lariat length, generally down to your chest. A lariat is usually around 45 inches, but you can choose your own length too.

long beaded necklace

3. Make a layout of the beads:

Arrange the beads on a flat surface like a table and play with them by changing the layout designs. Decide on the design that you like the most and start with it.

4. Use a bead-board tool:

The Bead-board is an excellent tool for new jewelry makers as well as Pros. Newbies can use it to organize and make the process easier, and the professional makers can use it to make a rapid enhancement in their designing skills.

The tool is quite useful if you make regular or even occasional necklace. Follow the process to use the board;

bead board

– Choose your Design and place your beads at number zero.
– Measure the length of your necklace; use the number and dashes provided on the side.
– Observe the channels and use them to lay out the beads.
– You get the tray insert for holding beads and finding them.

5. Cut the thread or beads:

Cut the thread as long as you need plus six inches to make a perfect size.

6. Thread the beads:

Collect all the desired beads for the necklace – two crimp beads and one clasp.

7. Start to organize the beads:

Slide one bead into the string and then put the crimping bead inside. Take another bead of about 1 inch (25 cm.) and slide down. These are the few necessary steps to secure the design preliminary.

Place one end of the clasp after the crimping bead and make a loop. Through the clasp section, thread the end of the stringing material.

Add the bead combo and use the crimp tool to place the beads in place if needed. Use a dot of super glue to ensure the safety of the crimp and bead.

8. Design your necklace:

Slide the design into the string very carefully. Remove the beads one by one and string into the thread. Also, leave 3-4-inch stringing material at the end.

9. Wrap it up:

Use the clasp section and end the bead and crimp combo. Crimp the second end and cut the stringing material with slush cutter, keeping the string/wire about 1 inch hidden in the bead hole as a safety measure.


Making long beaded necklace like as make a piece of cake, but it takes patience and practice to create perfect statement jewelry. Practice and keep going, and you’ll perfect the art in no time!