Top 12 Scrap Fabric Projects That Will Motivate You To Do Art

We are also caught up in work all the time that it is impossible to steal a moment for ourselves and satisfy our bracing for art. However, these 12 DIY scrap fabric projects are very simple to do and will not take up a lot of time if effort.

The result will be magnificent, and you will be super happy with yourself! Scrap fabric projects are even more beautiful because they are a small step in recycling for the earth’s benefit.

Top 12 Fabric Projects For You To Try Out

Pick one of this list and enjoy your project in your home, your kids will love it!

1. Stackable Scrap Bucket Pattern

Stackable Scrap Bucket Pattern

This scrap bucket will be an eclectic creation because of the sheer number of colours involved. You can give your own little touches and personalise this basket which will always be in use. The Sewing Loft Blog shows you how to go about it.

2. Custom Camera Slipcover

Custom Camera Slipcover

If you do not want to use the old black straps anymore, then it is time to create something pretty. They may be easy to make but are durable, and that makes it a perfect gift item. Learn the procedure with Moda Bake Shop.

3. Fabric Bows

Fabric Bows

Bows can look very elegant whether it be as part of your apparel or as a gifting embellishment. These colourful bows satisfy your aesthetic craving, and all this with just basic craft skills. Alexa Marie Zurcher shows you how to go about it.

4. DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel

DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel

Drying dishes are never an interesting task, but at least you can beautify it. This handmade dish towel is reminiscent of Spring, and your kitchen will love the addition. Flamingo Toes give you the instructions.

5. Simple Phone Wallet

Simple Phone Wallet

Phone wallets have become an essential rather than a luxury as our smartphones are dearer to us than life. You can customise these DIY phone wallets according to your own choice instead of spending a fortune of personalised phone wallets on the Internet. Consult Crazy Little Projects!

6. DIY Cord Keeper

DIY Cord Keeper

We all know that entangled cords waste our time and test our patience, and we don’t keep them properly. However, these DIY cord keepers are so beautiful and dainty that you will want to use them no matter what. If you love organising, then visit Leafy Tree Topspot for further instructions.

7. Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachets

Are you looking for the perfect DIY gift that strikes the perfect balance between pretty looks and utility? Well, these lavender sachets can be made with any fabric you want.

Choose any pattern you like, but use only fresh lavender flowers. Smelling these sachets will help with relaxation. Visit Live Simply to know more.

8. Scrappy Strip Rose

Scrappy Strip Rose

Is your house filled with colourful strips of cloth that you do not know how to use? Well, make a lovely rose for gifting or decoration. It is not as complicated as it sounds, Cluck Cluck Sew shows you how to make it!

9. Fabric Twine Spiral Mat

Fabric Twine Spiral Mat

If you are someone who loves neatness, then mats will be your best friend. These fabric twine spiral mats are so good to look at that your family will want to use them which would make your life so much easier! Visit Fab Art DIY for instructions.

10. Ruffled Tea Towel

Ruffled Tea Towel

Ruffles are addictive, honestly. Once you start using them in DIY projects, you will not stop using them. These ruffled tea towels are perfect for guests who will surely be impressed with your handiwork. Craftaholics Anonymous shows you how to go about it.

11. Hot Pads

Hot Pads

Perfect for a quick gift, this utilitarian DIY project will be well worth your time and effort. Just make to use a fabric that can withstand high temperature and will successfully insulate your hands. Crafty Asian Girl gives you instructions.

12. Scrap-Pieced Belt

Scrap-Pieced Belt

We could all do with a colourful belt that would make a style statement of its own. How about using up all the fabric strips that are lying around your house to make a pretty belt for those blue denim jeans. Visit Make it-Love it for instructions.