Top 6 Simple Sewing Patterns

There are many types of art that accompany the aspect of decoration and one of them is the technique of simple sewing patterns. Sewing might be a hard task for some people, but with practice and attempt it can be a achieved in soon.

However, you need to understand certain basics of sewing in order to proceed. Just like every other experiment of art you must be able to begin from a certain point. There are many sewing patterns all over the internet, but you shall to understand the basic types of sewing patterns. Sewing is an art technique that has been forgotten from many people.

On the contrary, it is the most enjoyable and best entertainment once you develop a passion for the technique. I do understand that most people do not like the fact that you have to spend most of the time doing one thing. But I tell you once you understand the basic of sewing, you will likely to enjoy the whole process.

6 Simple Sewing Patterns

Hence there are certain types of sewing patterns which you have to understand. Here are the patterns with a detailed explanation on how you can go about them if you are in need of sewing.

1. Procedure for A Grocery Bag Holder.

grocery bag holder


The grocery bag holder tutorial is an easy and quick step when it comes to sewing. It takes time around 10-15 minutes, hence does not take much of your time. It can be sewn using a tea towel. It is great for beginners due to the presence of finished raw edges. See more details right here

2. Making of DIY Cloth Napkins.

cloth napkins


Making cloth napkins is not a hard task, but at the same you may need some of skill. You shall need four pieces of napkin. Make a narrow edge of the napkin and make hem all-round the piece. Once you are done you can start putting them together and come up with the best napkin. Full tutorial, please visit this website

3. Scrappy Costars.

scrappy coaster

Source: frivolousnecessity

For each scrappy coaster you will need 2 squares of fabric and cotton batting. Once you have that you can begin and end up with nice coasters of your own. Read more detail here frivolousnecessity

4. Mug Rug Patterns.

mug rug patterns


While making the rug mug patterns all you need is fabric. It is an easy task but needs thorough concentration on the steps. Hence, once you have the fabric you can make pieces and come up with a nice combination of a mug rug. See step-by-step on this site

5. Rolled Kitchen Towels.

rolled kitchen towels


In order to make rolled kitchen towels you will need fabric. It is advisable to use quilter flannels since they come in many prints and are absorbent in nature. Once you have the resources at hand, you can begin the sewing procedure and come up with the best towels. All step tutorials, please see here

6. Fabric Bowl Cover Making.

fabric bowl cover


During the fabric bowl, cover making, you will need a fat quarter, scissors and safety pin. Once you have the basic elements you can begin making the patterns and come up with a unique cover of yours. Hence sewing is not a hard task for those who have a passion for the technique. The sewing patterns provided are best for beginners. Once you have the resources you can make great patterns. Read more right here