Top DIY Pillow Covers to Decorate Your Home

You may think a home decorative like the pillow look boring when compared with others in your home. But, you still need to spend some budget to buy pillow covers to enhance your home decor.

If you’re looking for pillow covers that can help you make your home look better and beautiful, all you need to do is to make it by yourself.

We have a series of DIY pillow covers that you can do in your free time. You will surely enjoy creating your own pillow covers which doesn’t take much time.

Easy DIY Projects to Make Amazing Pillow Covers

You can make yourself trendy pillow covers using common materials around your house. We have also included some innovative projects like using old shirts to make your cover.

You can buy the other materials from your local store and get to work right away. Here is a list of 7 beautiful pillow covers to decorate your bedroom and living room. You can also use these projects to be a gift for your friends who will just love the creativity.

Top DIY Pillow Covers You Can Try Out Today

Wondering what are the best pillow covers that can complement your home decor? So, let’s begin with making our own pillow covers without any more delay! Are you ready?

1. Buffalo Check Blanket Pillow Cover

We are starting with an easy one which you can get done within 10 minutes. Using a cheap buffalo check plaid fleece blanket from Target, you can create this awesome pillow cover in $3.

Buffalo Check Blanket Pillow Cover

Happiness Is Homemade shows you how to make your own envelope style covers ending with sewing two seams for two covers. The pillow covers look great with the original details of the Target blanket. You can also get your blanket from other stores if Target doesn’t have them.

2. Polar Bear Cover

Do you find polar bears cute? You can make your own DIY pillow cover with a furry polar bear adorning the front. The cover can be made with red flannel fabric in envelope style. It’s quite simple and won’t take you much time.

Polar Bear Cover

If you want to save the effort of sewing your own cover, then you can also use a ready made pillow cover. You have to take a print of a polar bear outline on paper and trace it out on some white muslin fabric.

Then just cut it out according to the shape and sew it on the cover. Love Grows Wild shows you how to do it.

3. DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

We have been talking about an envelope pillow covers all the while. So we thought you may want to learn how to make them. You will need some fabric, pins, thread, tape measure, iron and a pillow.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

The pillow is for determining the size of the cover you will need. You have to fold the fabric over the pillow to start and then proceed with sewing as It All Started With Paint guides you.

4. Zippered Pillow Cover

If you want to make a pillow cover without sewing, then this one is for you! Real Inspired Blog used some cloth napkins, permanent glue and zipper to make the DIY pillow covers. You have to be a bit careful while doing this project and not be afraid to get some glue on your hands!

Zippered Pillow Cover

The covers take very less effort as there is no sewing and can be made quickly. You can use them as seasonally as they may not take much rough use.

5. Floral Envelop Pillow Covers

Here’s a nice pictorial guide of how to make an envelope pillow cover. You can easily pick up your pillow cover skills following the guide as shown by Lia Griffith. The covers look awesome with the floral prints but details like cute buttons.

Floral Envelop Pillow Covers

Get hold of a fabric and start cutting and sewing right away! You can also use any fabric according to your liking for this project.

6. Stencil Farmhouse Pillow Cover

Stencils are a great way to create your own design on your pillow covers. You will also need some fabric paint and brush to carry out the job. My Life From Home uses a black matte paint but you can have your own freedom to choose any color.

Stencil Farmhouse Pillow Cover

The DIY project can be made with a 22×22 material which can accommodate a 20 inch pillow insert. Don’t forget your needle and thread or use a sewing machine. The first thing to do will be to make the imprint using the paint with the brush. Then you proceed to sew the cover just like you would.

7. Pillow Covers using Shirts

How about turning your old shirts into cool pillow covers? Tastefully Eclectic shows you how make this covers which even have pockets! The front side of the covers sports the buttons too which can be undone to insert or take out the pillow.

Pillow Covers using Shirts

You can either sew your cover or use stitch adhesive to save your effort. Both ways are covered in the guide and you can choose the method that fits with you. It’s better to use large size shirts like men’s XL to fit your regular pillows comfortably.

So, which one are you making today?