Top Stunning DIY Rustic Wedding Decorations

Many couples around the world dream of having rustic country weddings but decorating one is another ball game altogether! While it is not too challenging to get a rustic theme for your wedding.

It is important to get some inspiration and ideas and then act on them to have a wonderful and memorable wedding. Weddings happen once in a lifetime which is why it is imperative to make them memorable and add something of yourself to each and every detail.

Read on to discover some rustic wedding decorations that you can implement in your own wedding to give it an old-world charm in addition to a contemporary look!

How to make Baby’s Breath Wedding Globes?

There is nothing that screams wedding more than a baby’s breath these DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Globes are wonderfully rustic. They are super easy to make and so are ideal for your wedding decorations.

These can be put up in the reception area or the venue of the wedding ceremony. All you need to make these beauties is fresh or silk baby’s breath, floral wire and foam globes.

Baby’s Breath Wedding Globes

Image: rusticweddingchic

DIY Burlap and Lace Chair Décor

Burlap naturally comes to mind when you think about a rustic look. These lace and burlap chair decorations are perfect for anyone going for a rustic wedding. They are effortless to make, and you do not need to spend a lot of time making these either.

All you would need to do is create massive Burlap Bows and tie them up with some lace. Add a Mr. and Mrs., and you’re set! They give a superb rustic look to a wedding and are perfect for naming the chairs.

Burlap and Lace Chair

Image: linentablecloth

Gorgeous Reception Table Runner

A breathtaking reception Table Runner can enhance the beauty of any rustic wedding venue. Whether your wedding is held outdoors or in a barn, this would be a great addition to any place.

Although these table runners are great for any sort of occasions, they are especially great for adding a touch of the country theme to your wedding. They are effortless to make and make for a charming rustic addition to any wedding venue.

Table Runner

Image: nik-nak-shack

Ever thought of Rustic Twine and Lace Unity Candles?

If lighting a unity candle is in your list of things to do on your wedding, why not add this super rustic twine and lace unity candle that takes the beauty of the day to another level altogether? They are easy to make and do not take up much of your time.

On the other hand, you are running out of time, you can even buy them online. Whatever be the case, they will make your contemporary wedding very rustic.

Rustic Twine and Lace Unity Candles

Image: etsy

Flower Box Cooler – This is as rustic as you get!

Ever thought about utilizing flower box coolers for storing water and beverages on a wedding? Does that sound utterly ludicrous? Well, if you are looking to make your wedding venue right out of a Dickens’ novel, it will add a wonderful rustic charm to your wedding.

It’s wooden and will appeal any rustic style well. If you do not own a flower box, you could make one easily out of palettes.


Weddings can definitely be expensive affairs. If you’ve ever been involved in the planning of a wedding, whether yours or your friend’s or someone you know, you would know the amount of work and money that goes into it.

Well, not when you do it yourself! These top 5 breathtaking decorations are perfect for rustic wedding decorations! More options can be beautiful glow jars, rustic wooden table numbers, DIY wine barrel bouquets and a lot more!