Turn Your Old Clothes to DIY Rag Rug

There’s several you can do with those old clothes and rag pieces around your home and not get put to good use. Making rugs for yourself at home is one of those things you can do with your old clothes.

Rather than let them go to waste, why not pick them up and give them the best re-use again. This article will show six exciting different ways you can put your old clothes to good use.

What’s a DIY Rug?

The acronym ‘DIY’ simply stands for Do It Yourself. A DIY rag rug in the same vein is one which you don’t buy, but you can produce by yourself from things you have at home. Below are five different ways of doing it yourself with the rugs.

Making A Rug from Old T-Shirts

Getting a rug made for yourself is an ideal way to get your very taste. Besides, unlike many other kinds of floors, a rug would help you to keep out so much of the cold more than other floors. You can simply take care of this with some of your old T-shirts.

Woven T-Shirt Rag Rug

They can be put to good use and do not have to waste. All you need to do is tear some of those shirts in systematic pieces and you can have yourself a warm new rug and of course, it’s one of extra piece of home decor. Adventures In Making will show you just how you do this.

Making A Rug from Bedding

It’s not just old shirts that can make you a great rug, beddings are also a great asset. You do not have to dispose of those old bed sheets or linen. You just put it around, they could make you pretty new floor covers.

Making A Rug from Bedding

All you need are old bedding sets or linen, scissors for fabrics and an anti-rug slip mat which could be replaced with grid to do this at Grillo Designs.

Making a Rug from Rags

Did you know that even your rags, yes rags, could make you the most beautiful rugs? And you can make these rugs by yourself, right there in the comfort of your home without having to spend lots of money.

As a matter of fact, you may not even need to spend money. You simply need to pick up those ‘no longer useful’ clothes you have at home and you can make a rug that your little kids will love.

Making a Rug from Rags

Of course, it will take quite a lot of your time but it’s easy to make and worth it. Beautiful and cost-effective rag rugs are definitely one of those handcrafted that anyone would love to learn.

If you are ready to make one for yourself, just go to Craftaholics Anonymous, there’s all you need to know.

Making a Traditional Rag Rug

If you have a traditional sewing machine at home, making a traditional rag rug will not be such a big deal. Just like the previous project, you need to use the old clothes to be a material, then you will have yourself a good rug in the end.

The difference basically is, since you will be doing this with a sewing machine, you will need some time for this task.

Make A Traditional Rag Rug

And what’s more? It will save you a lot of the money since you only need to make the rug from old clothes. If you are thinking of getting yourself a traditional rag rug, Home Steading will guide you to do this.

Making a Rag Rug from Old Clothes

Another one project, which anyone can make a rag rug from their old T-shirts. You do not even need to be a pro for craft makers. This is quite easy to do, we want to tell you that don’t throw those old shirts away.

They can make you an excellent a rug. Pick up those your old shirts or your children no longer want to wear and use fabric scissors to tear them into patterned pieces.

Rag Rug from Old Clothes

What you get can make the nice, cheap rugs you have ever had. This may take your time, but it pays off and you’ll love what you get in the end. To learn how you can use your old shirts to make great rugs, just learn at A Piece Of Rainbow.

Choose the simple one that suit with your style and start enjoy for your first DIY rag rug.